How to Season a Humidor and Use a Boveda Pack

Maintaining a consistent 72% humidity has never been easier thanks to Boveda’s packs. We were skeptical at first, but over the last few years they’ve been a lifesaver. If you haven’t used one before, they are a 2-way humidifier. If your humidor has too much moisture, it will absorb it. If it’s too dry, it will moisturize. When they harden it’s time to replace, but they should last for a couple of months. ¬†At $6 a pack, it’s a pretty good deal for peace of mind.

Even though they’re great humidifiers, we still highly recommend that you season your humidor BEFORE adding the Boveda. Here are a few steps on how to create a working environment:

  1. Be sure to clean the humidor before adding any moisture. If you’re re-seasoning put your cigars in a travel case or a humidified bag. This is going to take a few days.
    Clean the Humidor
  2. Grab a bottle of distilled water or propylene glycol, and douse a clean sponge.
    propylene glycol 50/50season with propylene glycol
  3. You’re going to swab the inside of the humidor. This includes the bottom, the walls, and the edges. You want it to have a thin coat of liquid and not completely saturated. Over-saturation may cause warping and cracks. You are going to repeat this process once a day for 3 days.
    swab inside of humidor
  4. If you have a humidifier add distilled water or propylene glycol to that too. Depending on the dryness of your humidor, you may need to reapply to the humidifier twice over 3 days.
    fill cigar humidifier with propylene glycol

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  5. After 3 days, go ahead and add a couple of Boveda packs. The rule of thumb is one pack per 25 cigars. Leave it in for a day without any cigars so it has time to calibrate.
    boveda pack humidor
  6. Add your cigars in slowly – about 5 to 10 a day. Doing it slowly is recommended to prevent them from zapping all the moisture away at once. This should keep your cigars safe from an oversaturated environment as well.

Humidor with cigars and Boveda pack