Small Cigar Humidors – Our Top Picks

Small humidors typically fit around 25 cigars or less. They’re a great option for new smokers and inexperienced collectors – mainly because they’re easier to maintain due to the size and amount of cigars. Small humidors look great on any desk, side table, or shelf.

MEGACRA Brown Leather Humidor

megacra small humidor

Nothing pairs better with cigars than cedar and fine leather…except maybe whiskey. This humidor gets you two-thirds of the way there with a beautiful cedar box wrapped in brown leather. It even comes with a humidifier and a hygrometer!

Like any leather goods, this humidor will gain character as the leather softens and breaks in over time. Looking for something super classy that won’t break the bank? Look no further than the MEGACRA humidor.

Volenx Desktop Glass Humidor

thin glass desk humidor

This wonderfully thin desktop humidor makes it easy to showcase a smaller collection while saving desk or shelf space. It comes with a humidifier, but at this size you can probably get away with using one Boveda pack after the humidor has been seasoned.

Acrylic Cigar Humidor Jar

acrylic cigar humidor jar

You won’t be getting any style points for the acrylic humidor jar, but it gets the job done! If you need a no-fuss container that can protect your cigars, look no further than this setup. It comes with a Spanish Cedar floor and a Boveda pack, so you’re ready to go immediately. No seasoning is needed.

This is a very handy option if you’re looking for quick storage. Whether you’re on vacation or you’re re-seasoning your current humidor, this is a great, cheap setup.

Woodronic Double Glasstop Cigar Humidor

woodronic double glass top cigar humidor

Looking for a more unique design? The Woodronic Double Glasstop takes the more common humidor design and tweaks it to add 2 glass panes instead of one big one. The hygrometer sits on top, which is nice because it should get a more accurate read since it’s won’t be easily blocked by your cigars.

Scorch Torch 10 Cedar Wood

scorch torch travel humidor

Ol’ faithful. The Scorch Torch made our Top Cigar Humidors, and that’s because it’s a very solid product. It’s a no-fuss cigar humidor that performs well, and even comes with a torch lighter. It is excellent at retaining moisture. If you’re a new smoker, this is a great humidor to practice and learn with.